Series of works "Nature and its feminine part"

Acrylic on paper, 33*45 cm. 2017




The main image is hidden at first sight. Its a spirit of nature, a feminine part of it. The image starts with a neck and beautiful shoulders covered by long green hair. Hair is made up of leaves, grass and flowers. The big red earring on the right has a shape of a three-petalled flower. The painting contains multiple images of the sun during sunrise and sunset. You can see green fields, lakes and rivers, lots of flowers. It's time for blooming, for growing up, it's time for happiness and prosperity. Birds, children and strange creatures live a harmonious life full of joy and peace. The humanity is represented by a newborn child taking milk from the mother's breast. The child is horizontally positioned at the bottom of the picture. The child is calm, he feels safe in the hands of mother nature.

This painting has connection with feminine element Water. Water brings happiness and peace. You can see fish, lakes and rivers. Water comes from a woman's leg, water is part of woman's body and part of human's body in general. At the center of the painting water takes the shape of a woman's shoe. It's very elegant. Front part of the shoe has a shape of cow's head. Cow is a symbol of the mother. Mother- Earth brings stability. Water and Earth are combined, they are strongly connected and both have feminine nature. On the left side there is a big frog which also associated with water. There are 4 separate parts in this work. It's a puzzle you need to solve. How to put all these parts together to get one whole image?

Acrylic on paper, 33*45 cm

"Free planet"




Acrylic on canvas

"New era" 68*64 cm

"A woman" 58*110 cm

"Emotional storm" 103*103 cm

When time for changes comes, and you are willing to move forward in order to become better version of yourself.
Regardless of doubts and fears you live your life fully.