Online Sifu Art Gallery

Acrylic on canvas

"Many in one" , 100*90 cm

Each and all of us have different personalities. Depends on situation we can show different faces.There are two main figures, - a man and a woman. Both of them have multiple layers of behavior.
A woman can be a child, a young beautiful lady or an angry wife. She can push a man away, or be his support in life. A man can be shy and obedient, but he can keep anger inside and run one day away.
Not easy to communicate. But you can always choose peace in your relationship. The red flag as a symbol of peace should stay in the middle of our daily communication.

"Woman and Man", 57*110cm

"Energy field", 100*100 cm

A man and a woman ...Two bodies are eternally connected.
There are no words to describe how I feel about it. I just like watching it. These images are rooted deeply in my subconscious mind. I'm trying to dive in it but I heat my head to the invisible wall of the material world.
What I do has nothing to do with an art in a traditional way. You can't possibly comprehend it with your mind. Some say it's all my imagination.. But it's not that simple. In the process I'm completely unaware of what I'm painting. But once it's done, there is a whole world behind it. It's so rich and meaningful.

"Farm", 103*103 cm

"Between two worlds", 100*100 cm

The painting brings us to the concept of multidimensional world. The believe that we are not alone, that there are another worlds that we can't see, but they are right next to us.
In this painting you can see two worlds. One world is ours. You can see humans and animals such as a cow and a dog. But above this world there is a world of different creatures. They are not humans like us, they don't look like the animals we are used to see on our planet. Their body shapes and expressions are so unique, so different from ours. Who are they? Where do they come from? There is a tiny line between these two worlds. In this painting, there is one creature between the two worlds. The lower part of the body is in our world, but the upper part is in the different one. It gives the impression that there is no real distance between us, no separation. We look very different, but we still live in the same universe.
Through this work, I would also like to say that there is no real separation among people on this planet. We often regard each other as strangers. But it's an illusion.