January 2020

Oil on canvas

"Lips" 30*40 cm

"Forest game" 70*70 cm

February 2020

Oil on canvas, 30*40 cm


"Head in the air"

"Golden gate bridge"

Oil on canvas, 30*40 cm
Inspired by Golden Gate bridge in California

"Shepherd and shepherdess in 18th century"

Oil on canvas, 20*25 cm
Images and name came spontaneously. It seems to me like I stepped back into the past...

"Flower garden"

Oil on canvas, 150*130 cm

March 2020

Oil on canvas

"Face with a bow"
40*50 cm

40*50 cm

"Horse or Pregnant woman"
30*40 cm

April 2020

Oil on canvas

"Stairs to the sky"
45*45 cm

60*50 cm

"Woman in orange"
60 cm

"Woman in red"
50 cm

"Mysterious light"
60 cm

May 2020

"Woman with a rooster"
Oil on canvas, 100*100 cm

12 years later an image of this woman pops up again in my subconscious mind...

June 2020

"When One becomes Two"
Mixed media, 60*90 cm

The image seemed to be finished but i felt something was missing. One became two...And it became complete.

Two souls and two women,
Two opposite parts of something that
Follows you in that whirl of life.
It builds and destroys,
It brings peace and a war
That struggle that hard to accomplish for all.
They came as two sisters in middle age time,
They died in the middle of fight of hussar.
And nothing has changed since that lonely dark night.
A change could be peace as result of that fight.
And now they live one more life in this world,
But let it be last, set them free
For us all.

"A girl in the forest"
Acrylic on canvas,60*90 cm

A little girl in the forest alone,
Two little birds singing one song.
Forest as puzzle...Indeed
There is no end, no begging in it.
Net of the roots spreading below,
Some of the roots going above...
Lost in dimension, losing perception
Time disappears in wilds of this life.
Different levels in multiple world
Having same essence but vary in form.
Objects and actions repeating themselves
Give you a lesson to pass and move on...
Nothing will vanish, impossible thought.
A seed you will plant will bloom on this Earth.
Woman in grey watching a girl.
She will protect her regardless of all.

"Woman in green"
Acrylic on canvas, 60*90 cm

I'm like that ship staying in two waters simultaneously trying to keep balance not to sink.

July 2020

“Mirror on the wall”
Mixed media on canvas, 90*100 cm

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Open space behind
There is way for further more
We might need to hide it...

Acrylic on canvas, 60*88 cm

Never ever never
Would i think
The world I live
Will shrink like leaf.
A waterfall comes from the sky.
Are we afraid?
Who knows why...
So many changes on the way,
A glimpse of future in the ray.
Roots coming up and going down,
They make a frame for brand new world.
It won't be easy,
I'm afraid...
Life will be safe
But forms will fade...

Jamais jamais jamais...
Est-ce que je pourrait penser
Que ce monde va trembler
Comme une feuille...
Cascade vient du ciel
Est-ce qu'on a peur?
Dis-moi... Pourquoi?
Il y a beaucoup de changements,
Ils arrivent maintenant.
Un aperçu de l'avenir je voix
Dans le rayon du soleil...
Ça va bien.
Un nouveau monde va à être formé,
Il sera encadré
Par les racines montants,
Par les racines descendants.
Ce sera difficile et j'ai peur.
La vie est sûre, mais les formes...
Ils ne pourraient pas exister,
Ils seront effacés.

“Self portrait”
Oil on canvas, 60*80 cm

Such a fascinating process of painting yourself....
By looking at it I know exactly what is actually going on in my mind...
If someone asks me this question, it would be really hard to answer. I would have a lot of doubts.
But the language of art makes it so easy...

Acrylic on canvas, 60*80 cm

I call it “Bubbles”...
Probably because it gives me feeling of lightness and joy...
And also by looking at it I feel peace...