Online Sifu Art Gallery

January 2022

“A holy lake”
Oil on canvas,100*100 cm

I miss that time, that happy time...

- A holy lake under the sky,
High in the mountains hidden.
-How will you find it?
-I'll try, I know it's not easy.
- How far are ready you to go?
- How long it takes I'll reach the place,
I leave behind comfort,
I walk alone under the snow
With freezing wind around me...
- By making steps towards the lake You will forget your given name...
- I will regain silence.
- What are you willing to achieve in such a lonely journey?
- I want to see my real self...The lake will show me.

“A couple”
Oil on canvas, 40*50 cm

We were designed to create,
To work upon ideas,
To make the world a masterpiece,
And keep it for all beings.

The picture blurry as we are...
I'm hiding from the visions
Of what can happen
If one day we all forget the reason...

To be alone among the trees,
To touch the grass with bare feet,
To smell the flowers on the way,
To look at sky, to wait for rain...

I'm afraid to see the world
By putting glasses at the front...
Escape through network to the realm
Created in the form of game.

I want to see the real sun,
I want to touch, to smell, to hear...
I want to live for real.

February 2022

“Blue zone”
Oil on canvas, 55*96 cm

Spaciousness of mind
Entrance to the light,
Freedom of non doing automatic stuff.
Flow of the joy
Going through my body,
I don't have that pressure
Of impressing others.
Watching through the window
Movements of the world...
There is so much hurry,
Such a little goal...
Dreaming of the peace
In a quiet room,
Looking at the flame
That will burn my soul.

Open to dimension of the magic rhythm,
Of the clear vision, of the real me.

March 2022

Acrylic on canvas, 70*90 cm

“A man in the hat”
Acrylic on wood, 122*244 cm

April 2022

“Shell of my mind”
Mixed media on canvas, 55*95 cm

“Palm trees”
Mixed media on canvas, 51*61 cm

Wooden artworks
Acrylic on wood, 87*24 cm

May 2022

Wooden artworks
Mixed media on wood, 29 cm

Wooden artwork
Mixed media on wood, 87*24 cm

Mixed media on canvas, 50*60 cm

June 2022

“Mr. Xue and his dogs”
Oil on canvas, 60*50 cm

July 2022

“Apple heart”
Acrylic on canvas, 60*50 cm

“A girl with a turtle”
Acrylic on canvas, 60*50 cm

August-September 2022

Wooden artwork “Triangles”,
1200*1910 cm

“In Orange”
Acrylic on canvas, 60*50 cm

November - December 2022

“Snow Queen”
Acrylic on canvas,
60*50 cm

Acrylic on wood,
20*20 cm

“Warm Winter”
Acrylic on canvas,
60*50 cm

Acrylic on wood,
45*45 cm

“A little buddha”
Acrylic on canvas,
60*50 cm

“My Hope”
Acrylic on canvas,
60*50 cm