Sofuland project in Shenzhen

Summer 2017

Fuyong Art Exhibition in Shenzhen

November 2018

My first exhibition in Shenzhen

My first exhibition in China

My first exhibition...

UTCP Festival Shenzhen
May 2019

15th International Cultural Industries fair Shenzhen, May 2019

Illustration carnival
Convention and Exhibition center Shenzhen
August 2019

Opening ceremony of O'GARDEN
My first improvisation show in Shenzhen
All about flowers

There are two main images, male and female. There are two forces in Nature that give life to everything.
The main role belongs to the female power. She is pulling forward a young tree that will grow bigger and stronger in the future. Upon this tree a new one will grow, and upon that one another will grow. They all support each other and depend on each other. They can't live separately.
A small plant with two green leaves on it, like the wings of an angel, is trying to embrace the Sun without which it wouldn't exist...The appreciation of Nature and the understanding of its laws bring happiness.

The laws of the kingdom of plants apply in the kingdom of people.

Fuyong Art Exhibition in Shenzhen


Charity Art Show at HIBC, Shenzhen 2019

This summer HIBC hosted an art show in support for the Children’s villages, and raised more than 20,000 RMB! All proceeds will go towards the children’s villages project.


Acrylic on canvas, 60*55

The painting is divided into two parts. The top half represents our physical world. A man is taking a nap. He lay on his back. His legs are crossed. He was wearing a red hat. Above him is an angel who protects his sleep. Tiny threads link people to the world of dreams. When we sleep and see a dream, I am always fascinated by what happens. Where did all these pictures come from? What is their nature? In that dream world, we can see all kinds of creatures. Its like a fairy tale. Anything is possible. Strange creatures. Some of them may be identified as our friends, some may come from fairy tales that grandparents told us, and some people are totally unfamiliar. The world of dreams is always its secret. Sometimes by trying to understand them, we can learn something about ourselves.

My way of seeing...

Baoan Art Annual Exhibition


The way you think of others shows how you feel about yourself.
Abstract paintings are not easy to understand. Usually they don't give any answer. But the way you look at them, what you see in them, can tell you a lot about yourself...

My first exhibition in Beijing
January 2020

This time two of my works were exhibited...
Here I'm standing next to my painting made in 2017
“Mouse in the field”
Acrylic on canvas

Getting copyright for my artworks ...

Certificates of Authenticity for my clients...

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