Online Sifu Art Gallery

January 2021

"A girl behind the tree"
Oil on canvas, 30*40 cm

Mixed media on canvas, 60*90 cm

"Faces in orange"
Mixed media on canvas, 50*60 cm

It seems to be a fairy tale story about the princess lost in the forest or trying to escape from those who we never wish to meet... The surrounding is nice, the inhabitants of the forest are lovely strange creatures born in my imagination.

Inspired by numerous videos and pictures of amazing sea creatures living on the same planet with us but so different from us...

Imagination is a gift.
It gives you access to the invisible world.
All the miracles happen there...

February 2021

Mixed media on canvas, 60*90 cm

"Autumn mood"
Acrylic on canvas, 60*90 cm

I wanted to paint a horse after I had a horse ride in Thailand in march 2020. Finally I have accomplished what had in my mind...This horse is a representation of all horses, it's a spiritual horse (I like to call it this way). Mother horse that gives life to all horses in the world. Take a close look...and you will see numerous images of horses within this image.

When i started to work on it I had the idea to paint my dog...But then I kind of forgot about it, and it was all about combinations of colors. I had the feeling of autumn...Leaves are falling down, green trees turned to yellow and red. Then I shared this work with my friend. And surprise! The first what she saw was a dog in the forest. At that moment I remembered my first intention to paint my dog...Here we are. My conscious mind can forget, but nothing can be erased from subconscious level.

March 2021

"Lost in the past"
Mixed media on wood, 43*69 cm

Acrylic on canvas, 60*90 cm

Mixed media, such a combination I've never used before. No sketch, no idea what I want to express. Emptiness.
Images of these women would appear and ask for life.They want to say something, they want to be heard.
They lived at different times, in different places. Look at them! The clothes the wear, the way they look! What is it that make them appear together and speak same language?

Something is about to happen....
Transformation of life.
One circle after another.
A girl in the blue is moving around, her life is being told as a fairy tale.
So much to say without using words, so much to express for the soul to be understood.

April 2021

"In woods"
Mixed media on wood, 52*98 cm

"In the middle of nowhere"
Acrylic on canvas, 60*90 cm

May 2021

"Meeting in the forest"
Oil on canvas, 60*90 cm

In this painting I see two women in the middle of the forest. The conversation they are going to have is important for both of them and will direct their lives till end. They are surrounded by little creatures from the invisible world. Some are sad, and some are happy. It's a quiet place to be even so it seems so crowded. I have a feeling of peace and at the same time I'm aware of the significance of the event.
All these little creatures came from the place above. The moonlight showed them the way to the meeting they want to attend. They used invisible stairs to come down and didn't allow girls to discover them.

June 2021

"The one who knows"
Oil on canvas, 60*80 cm

Acrylic on canvas, 60*80 cm

Things come and go...But something stays.
That one that can't die, that one that can't vanish...
Not sure but I feel
It knows everything what happened within me.
Invisible to eyes, untouchable by hands...
It's here and it's there.
It penetrates the air, the time and space...
My friend and enemy,
It reminds me something, it gives me glimpse of past.
But I can't remember, I can't recall the past.
And for the best or worst it doesn't have the voice to let me know.
Is it enough for one to know and for other to be ignorant and go blindly?
I want to know

The idea was to paint a dog, any dog... Bu as always I didn't decide how I was going to give this idea a physical form...The painting was almost done, and still there were no trace of the dog whatsoever. I thought my intention wasn't strong enough for the image to emerge, and my mind was occupied by something else...I was filling up central part of the painting with random colors when suddenly I saw an image of the puppy...right at the center of the work. Somehow he reminds me a puppy that is staying with us these days...His name is Sima.

July 2021

"In arms of eternity"
Mixed media on canvas, 60*80 cm

"Angel from the sky"
Oil on canvas, 60*80 cm

August 2021
Wooden Artworks

Acrylic on wooden table, 100*48 cm

Acrylic on wooden board
16,5*16,5 cm

Acrylic on wood, 87*24 cm

Artwork №1

Artwork №2

Artwork №3

September - October 2021

“Upside down world”
Acrylic on canvas, 92*53 cm

“A girl with red nails”
Mixed media on canvas, 92*53 cm

November 2021

“Baba yaga bone neg”
Mixed media on canvas,
95*56 cm

“The One above the sky”
Oil on canvas, 90*50 cm

Darkness and light in all of us...
Two sides of the same coin

The face unclear as a cloud,
It will appear when allowed.
You look inward,
Into the space,
Imagine world beyond all shapes.
It's never late to free your mind.
Imagination is a gift.
To use it means to be in line with Universe in all its deeds.

The main figure is always hidden
It's never the One you see first...

December 2021

Tibetan trip

“Dancing Tibet”
Acrylic on canvas

“Yamdrok lake”
Acrylic on canvas